BFA signage
Wellington Hospital 1891
DIC Warehouse 1891
Ayres house 1891
Boys Institute 1892
Rescue Home 1893
M Cargill Shop 1894
Baptist Church, Nelson 1896
Hospital Outpatients 1900
Given Building 1900
BNZ Lambton Quay 1901
Chronic Invalids 1903
Missions to Seamen 1903
BNSW Lambton Quay 1904
DIC, 1905
B of A Customhouse Quay 1905
B of A Levin 1905
J Nathan, Thorndon 1905
Dalgety, Thorndon 1905
Peoples Stand, Trentham 1905
Grandstand, Trentham 1905
Tote, Trentham 1905
Dalgety, Hunterville yards
Murray Roberts 1906
Dunedin Library 1906
YMCA 1906
Methodist Church 1907
BNSW Hawera 1909
Ewart Nurses Home 1909
Union Steam Ship 1909
BNSW Eltham 1910
Masterton A & P 1910
Barber bldg, Cuba St 1910
Shepherds Arms, 1910
A Hatrick 1913
BNZ Masterton 1913
BNZ Shannon 1914
Acetylene Gas Lighting 1917
Perrett Bldg, Wanganui, 1918
Levy, Tatanaki St, 1918
BNSW Eketahuna 1924
BNSW Tarmarunui 1928
BNSW Kaikohe 1929
BNZ Napier 1933
Presbyterian orphanage 1937
BNZ Woodville 1940
Air Raid Shelter 1942
BNSW Lambton Quay BNSW Eltham Methodist church Webb St BNZ Napier 1933

Bulleyment Fortune Architects Ltd, Denis Fortune, and Alan Bulleyment hold one of the largest private collections of historic architectural drawings in New Zealand dating back to the 1890s. The collection has been divided into three parts, BFA, Denis Fortune, and Alan Bulleyment. This site displays a small sample of that collection.

While the bulk of these are from our predecessors Crichton, McKay, and Haughton there are also a smaller number from some of New Zealands most well known architects such as Thomas Turnbull, Joshua Charlesworth, and James Hislop.

Sadly many of these buildings have been demolished but of those that remain most have been listed on the heritage registers of various councils or the NZ Historic Places Trust.

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