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BNSW Eketahuna 1924

Bank of New South Wales, Eketahuna, 1924
BFA Collection.
Architects: Crichton & McKay and Haughton.

This bank was located on the corner of Main and Hastwell Streets in a town that was somewhat larger than it is today. On the 24 June 1942 there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 centered near Masterton that caused extensive damage throughout the Wairarapa. This drawing has been marked up to show cracks in the brickwork and is an exact match to photographs taken by the architect C F Daniell following the Wairarapa earthquake of 1942 (now held by the Wiararapa archive). On the 1st/2nd August 1942 there were two more earthquakes of magnitude 5.6 and 6.8. In Eketahuna these caused even more damage than the June earthquake leaving nearly all the commercial buildings in the town centre with extensive damage. This bank was demolished following the earthquake.

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