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BNSW Taumarunui 1928

Bank of New South Wales, Taumarunui, 1928
Denis Fortune Collection.
Architects: Crichton & McKay and Haughton.

This is a typical example of the Haughton designed provincial banks of the 1920s. The major difference from the pre-war banks was the shortage of available corner sites resulting in only one elevation that faced the street. Minor changes to the plan included an indoor WC upstairs (the ground floor facilities were still accessed from outside) and a garage so narrow it must have been for an Austin 7.

The building still exists (2011) but is no longer a bank.

After the war there was a major change to the drafting technique brought about by the diazo print machine. Before the war drawings were prepared by drafting directly on to high quality cartridge paper and hand colouring resulting in a high quality, durable drawing. After the war the hand drawings were made on cheep butter paper, traced on to semi transparent linen paper, then printed on to paper coated with chemicals. While tracing was also done pre-war the result was a blue background with white lines. The diazo process produced a light background with dark lines that could be hand coloured and signed. The disadvantage was that these prints yellowed and faded quickly. This image has been enhanced to remove the yellow background and present the drawing as it would have looked when first made.

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