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B of A Levin 1905

Bank of Australisia, Levin, 1905
Alan Bulleyment Collection
Architects: Crichton and McKay.
NZHPT: register no. 4076, category II

The Bank of Australasia later became the ANZ. Most of the Crichton and McKay designed banks of this period were substantial brick structures but there were also a smaller number of timber buildings usually with an internal brick strong room and located in rural towns. It should be noted that while Levin only rated a timber bank, Foxton and Shannon both got brick banks. In keeping with its rural context there was a stable and 'buggy house' on the grounds.

The now former bank still stands on the corner of Queen and Bristol Streets and is currently occupied by Ray White Real Estate. It is also located near the Levin Police Station, a building that was designed by Bulleyment Fortune Architects in 1993.

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