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Chronic Invalids 1903

Victoria Home for Chronic Invalids, Wellington Hospital, 1903
BFA Collection
Architects: Crichton and McKay.

The Victoria Home was to have been named the 'home for incurables' but it was felt the term 'chronic invalids' would give the patients more hope. It was a 'stand alone' building located at the South side of the hospital grounds behind some houses that faced Mein Street and was built for the care of patients with chronic or terminal illness. It suffered for much of its life from a shortage of beds, overcrowding, and long waiting lists, making it the subject of numerous newspaper articles. In February 1905 the Evening Post reported from a regular meting of the Wellington Hospital Trustees that Crichton and McKay Architects had donated £50 to help reduce the debt faced by the Victoria Home it also reported the home was occupied by 110-170 men and 60 women, this in a building designed for a total of 20 men and 20 women. The building was used by the army from 1915-18 for the treatment of soldiers but that further aggravated the plight of the patients because they were evicted for the duration.

This was the first large building designed by Crichton and McKay on the Wellington Hospital grounds the tendered price for which was £6,765.

The collection also includes one sheet for the addition of a balcony in 1910.

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