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DIC Warehouse 1891

DIC Warehouse 1891

DIC Warehouse, Panama and Brandon Streets, Wellington, 1891
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Architect: James Hislop.

James Hislop (1856-1904) was a well known Dunedin based architect although at the time of his death by accident in 1904 he was resident in Wellington. Bendix Hallenstein, founder of both the Hallenstein and DIC chains, was one of his many clients.

This is not the former DIC building (now Harbour City Centre) on Lambton Quay. It is an eailer DIC building built as a warehouse on a neighbouring site with frontage to both Panama and Brandon Streets. It was destroyed by fire on the 25th January 1905.

On the day after the fire The Evening Post newspaper reported than Crichton and McKay Architects had been commissioned to design a replacement building (to be constructed from brick !). A tender for £33,000 was let on the 20th of April for a building that was to be completed by the end of the year. A neighbouring building known as 'The Economic' was another victim of the fire. The owners, messers George and Kersley, also commissioned Crichton and McKay to design a replacement.

It was not until 1928 that the DIC Lambton Quay store was completed.

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