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Wellington Hospital 1891

Wellington Hospital, 1891
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Architects: Clere, Fitzgerald, and Richmond.

Crichton and McKay and their successors have been involved with Wellington Hospital from the early 1900s until the present day but this block plan of the ground floor represents the hospital as it would have been at an even eailer time. While Clere, Fitzgerald, and Richmond were the hospital architects it is worth noting this drawing is initialed JSS, almost certainly John Sydney Swan who in later years became a prominent architect in his own right.

Horizontally at the mid point on the page is the main hospital corridor off which are 4x24 bed wards of the large open plan 'Nightingale' type, men to the left (wards 3 and 4) and women to the right (wards 1 and 2). The green spaces between are 'promenading' grounds. Above the wards are men's and women's corridors with toilet and dining facilities. Below the main corridor on the left is new two storey ward block (ward 5 and 6), in the centre the main entrance, and on the right the Matrons wing. At the time this was the most recent part of the hospital housing staff facilities, teaching rooms, and a children's ward.

A proposed addition is marked in pencil between the matrons wing and the main entrance. This is the operating theatre block that was opened in 1901.

The hospital was located roughly where the old clinical services block is today, the main entrance faced north and was accessed by a long driveway from Hospital Road. The hospital entrance was relocated to Riddiford Street in the 1920s when the new 'main block' was built but the old wards remained in use for another 35 years.

These buildings were demolished between 1968 and 1973.

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