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Murray Roberts, 1906

Murray Roberts & Co, Wool Store, Thorndon Quay, 1906
BFA Collection.
Architects: Crichton and McKay.

Murray Roberts & Co were a Dunedin based Company active in the wool markets. By 1906 many of their competitors had wool stores on Thorndon Quay (Crichton and McKay designed the Dalgety building the year before). Tenders were called in April 1906 and the contract awarded to John Moffatt for £7,000.

The drawings are initialed and signed by J H McKay, While Crichton was the more prolific of the partners McKay was clearly a competent designer. On 6th November 1906 the Evening Post described the building as an 'Unpretentious order of architecture, plain, solid, commodious, and essentially useful'. This may seem a little harsh but we assume it would have appealed to the 'Dunedin Scots' shareholders.

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