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Sherherds' Arms 1910

Additions to the Shepherds' Arms Hotel, 1910
Denis Fortune Collection
Architects: Crichton and McKay.

The Shepherds' Arms was established in 1870 on Tinakori Road, the way to what was then rural Karori. These plans are of the major 1910 alteration which saw the removal of the stables and the footprint extended to become more or less as it is today. On the ground floor (see above plan) there were two bars, a billiard room, and dining room. On the floor above were 14 bedrooms. In the bottom left hand corner is a hand written note indicating this plan was submitted to the Licensing Committee, 1 June 1910.

In 1916 the name was changed to the 'Western Park' but it was changed back to the original name following another major alteration in 1983. The bedrooms were restored in 1997 making this the oldest licensed premises still providing accommodation, even so little of the original building remains.

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