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WRC Peoples Stand 1905

WRC Trentham Poeples Stand

Wellington Racing Club, Peoples Stand, Thentham, 1905
Denis Fortune Collection
Architects: Crichton and McKay.

Wellington Racing Club was established in 1865 (at first it was called the Wellington Jockey Club) and held race meetings at various places until land was purchased at Trentham. On the 15th April 1905 the Evening Post newspaper reported that a contract had been let for the construction of three new stands (the Grandstand, Peoples Stand and Stewards Stand) the total value of which was £8,000. The stands had been designed by Crichton & McKay and were to be built by Frederick H Meyer. The newspaper also ran a story on the 15 November reporting the buildings were near competition, in reality the new stands were completed just in time for the first race meeting in January 1906.

This drawing formed part of a contract to build the Peoples Stand and was signed on 14th April, 1905 by the builder Frederick H Meyer.

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