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YMCA 1906

YMCA, Willis Street, Wellington, 1906
BFA Collection
Architects: Crichton and McKay.

The Land was gifted by Mrs A M Williams and the money for the building was raised by subscription. The successful tenderer was W L Thompson and the cost £13,000. The building contained a bowling alley, gym, and running track, with the upper floors having four classrooms and 43 bedrooms.

These drawings are signed for the YMCA by John G W Aitkin. He was an MP 1902-8 and Mayor of Wellington 1899-1905. He was also a leading figure in the Presbyterian Church, YMCA, YWCA, and Boys Institute, was involved in the founding of Scotts and Queen Margaret Colleges, and was chairman of the Wellington Hospital and Charitable Aid Board.

There are seven drawings in this set, the roof plan has been marked in pencil indicating the proposed addition of an attic space with 20 bedrooms (it was not built) but in 1925 Crichton, McKay and Haughton designed a similar, larger addition that was buit by The Fletcher Construction Company.

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